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Meet Hattie





I am a 29 year old woman craving the pleasure of helping people all over the world in achieving their goals be it mind, body, soul. I, like millions of you all out there have faced troubles and battles, ultimately every individual has right? I am such a strong advocate for the methodology that fitness and health is a state of mind and involves all of your life choices, not only those hours burning calories or lifting at the gym.

I grew up in Kent, England, UK; privileged by a life of the outdoors and all that it holds – both group sports (hockey and netball) and individual (running/athletics and swimming). Socially this was an enormous platform on which I built friendships through school years and into university.


Here is the bomb, a secret I could never in my past or recovery have dreamed to be sharing with the world….

I spent the early years of my 20’s battling with my mind and body – very severely – this stopped my world. I broke the hearts of family, friends and most of all myself. Exercise was no longer an option and I hit rock bottom. Piece by Piece I was able to rebuild a very full life for myself and thanks to the invaluable support and knowledge from professionals and other communities, I am stronger and certainly am grateful for the journey I had to take to get here. It is the only way to be – the past cannot be re-written but I can use it to create my future.


This I most certainly have done and I have grabbed life and embraced it fully, exploring the extreme capabilities of my body and getting stronger and stronger physically and mentally.


I have travelled extensively across the world (by NO means am I done with this yet) and I have been so lucky to work in many countries across Europe in ski resorts and in the Mediterranean Sea on Yachts; I am incredibly active and keeping physically fit has been essential for my state of mind.


I for sure have travelled, but the journey never ends right?

My journey is unique as is everyone elses.


Someone once asked me - "What do I want from life, and how do I get there?" Well I have a thriving passion for fitness and I love people. People are incredible. We are so capable of anything. And I know that I can help and guide others.  Combine the two and here we are.


I am:

Vibrant, full of life

I adore everyone loyal in my life, and strive every day to contribute as they do for me.

I put others first, this in the past has perhaps been considered a weakness. I EMBRACE this in myself, the smiles and happiness of the incredible people I surround myself with shines on me and I am complete.

I am all or nothing. I will give everything to something I am passionate about, to the ends of the earth. This yes, has left me in complicated situations but I learn from experiences and it's all a part of my journey.

I am impulsive.

I know I am strong


Happiness takes strength. It is strength to see our power and it is possible without reaching such dark days. Sometimes all we need is a community of likeminded incredible people just to reach out to, to teach us things we never understood and to remind us how strong and beautiful we are. Whether you be lifting hulks in the gym, your 5k Park Run or just getting up from your desk/couch to get yourself your fav. cuppa tea – POWER is in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.


With my help, you will never look back, never question your decision to work with me.

Strength and Endurance

Weight Loss

Sustainable targets


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