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Get Up and Active

Updated: May 6, 2021

There is not one person out there who can honestly try to tell me that its easy to get yourselves up and ready for that ‘killa-workout’ without some serious self discussion on occasions.

That 20 minutes pre-workout so often can be a total drag. Brain says, 'No Hattie I can’t be bothered'


Some really useful tips to share with you


Generally I find that if I have a plan organised in advance, I will stick to it. It is structured into my day.


Music is everything for me in life let alone when I am building up a sweat.

I personally use Spotify which is so simple as if you do not have your own playlists created you can search and find literally anything that you fancy. Apple Music is also awesome for pre-made playlists. I recommend something with a high tempo, heavy beat.

Realistic Targets

Positive affirmations people.

We are all at different stages of our journeys, but also importantly at different levels of fitness. For one person that 20 min sesh on the treadmill is an incredible achievement and for another the achievement is even getting to the gym in the first place. I remind myself DAILY of my achievements on a mental level, along with the developing abilities of my body.

Fitness is such a general term – do not compare yourself to the babe on the spin bike next to you, or the bloke lifting twice his body weight, or the hero that crosses the marathon race finish-line; every single day be proud of the progress you’ve made, That’s what I do, and each day is different too!


For me (I assume its similar with most people) everything in life is not only easier if theres someone to share it with, but WAY MORE FUN!

At the gym, get yourself a mate who can help make sure you finish those reps – I personally perform better with people around me, honestly I think because I want to show off/I would be embarrassed if I didn’t finish what I set out to. This could be a friend whos with you to play role of coach...

OR....(and I am not even joking that I do this...)

I notice someone that I want to impress or who looks like could challenge me and let's be honest no one wants to look I work hard to perform to my very best.

Instead of going for beers with a mate, arrange to go for a run and THEN a beer afterwards.

It feels silly really, but support and performing with people around you is very normal and to be honest I think it is something that we could use to our advantage...

Am I right?

Join Me and My 'Sun Petals'

-Link in Menu/Directly Below


How can you reward yourself? For each of us this is very different

Who loves something sweet?

Whos' weakness is a glass of wine?

Facials and a hot bath anyone else?

Reward yourself for every achievement that you accomplish. Life is way too short so every moment should be rewarded.

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