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Honest Truth

Down In the Dumps

Not for a second will I ‘preach’ to you in this post, that anybody’s feelings are more or less than someone else's. This post marks 365 days (one full year) exactly since the UK began the first national ‘lockdown’. This therefore feels rather relevant to pay some attention to the very profound effects that this social deprivation (among other factors) has had on us all independently.

Stress has some catastrophic effects on us- really has the potential to cause complete chaos and to be honest this message is not an attempt to help keep these at bay. I am no counsellor or therapist. But I can share with you something short but rich in support – you are not alone.

I have days where the overwhelming anxious-ache through my body makes simple things a real challenge. I know better than many that there is most often no reason, no clear rationale. But why does society assume that we have to have one?

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