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Mind Body and Soul

I absolutely see how these three essential tri-elements of wellbeing are so closely connected. Without one of these components another shall surely sacrifice?

Put simply;

Poor physical health can lead to Mental Health Complications

Poor mental health problems can lead to poor physical health

Where do we start with finding our balance?


Move more.

So yes, maybe I am a little biased however I say with utmost confidence, through my own history and experiences that the control over my life and my health absolutely is supported by exercise. Now this does NOT mean we all have to be in the gym every day, or HIIT 3 times a week….

What I mean by exercise is MOVEMENT.

‘Physical activity’ by definition means any movement of your body that uses your muscles and expends energy and this could absolutely involve your day to day activities depending on how your lifestyle is. A simple stretch or a gentle walk, your weekend gardening or just the walk to the post office - honestly honeys this is all it could take to change your day for the better.

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