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Crushes, social life; teenage flit-float. I think that generally the common conception is teenage girl writing her over emotional thoughts down in a pink fluffy notebook about the boy she fancies and the gossip to accompany her very full social life.

If this is you, and rolling your eyes at the thought of me suggesting that you get yourself into journaling then let me attempt to change your mind.

This was a fairly new phenomenon in my life up until around a year ago. I dabbled for a while without any real direction. I had absolutely NO clue what to put down on paper and how to talk about things– but I definitely felt that it benefitted me hugely. I wish that I had used this method of relief during my recovery.

I am an impulsive over-thinker. Anything that COULD become complicated, chances are my fussy little brain has made it so. Even something as simple as forgetting to offer someone a cup of tea while you make yourself one would become criminal on many tangents and anxiety would build to the point where I would convince myself that they now hated me.

Literally just putting words onto paper helped my mega-over-active brain in a big way.


Why do we Journal

  • Planning and Keeping your mind and thoughts organised

  • Goals and Tracking Achievements

By putting my ‘To Do Lists’ and plans for the day

and weeks ahead onto paper really helps prevent brain scatter.

I am so culprit for overthinking EVERYTHING and I have noticed in a big way that writing down what I intend to achieve and/or my thoughts on certain things that happened/will happen has helped.

  • Personality on Paper. Improves writing skills.

  • Self reflection and stress relief

  • Memory Diaries

I am terrible at getting stuck into a book. Which is a shame because I know that it is a beautiful way to widen imagination, knowledge and importantly in grammar and diction.

By journaling, often (not every day, I just tend

to write when I allocate myself a big chunk of personal time to self-reflect) I have noticed a couple of things improve for myself:

1) I find it a lot easier to get thoughts and feelings down on paper

2) I have developed/established my own writing style and ‘personality on paper’.


Effective Journaling – improving quality of life

By getting things down on paper (thoughts, feelings, goals, targets) through a period of time it is really simple and efficient in tracking progress and

most importantly in my case I am able to notice CONNECTIONS between everything that is going on in my life. It is almost impossible for us to be able to compute all of this together and still play it cool. Those of you who genuinely feel like you have your shit-together and are fully comprehensive of every single tangent of your life – here is a medal – you absolute HERO. I am absolutely no hero and I am not ashamed to admit that I struggle, often, but re-reading what I wrote each week and tracking my feelings and thoughts has been one of the simplest and most beneficial for my mental health.


Writing my thoughts and feelings

This was really tough to begin with. I am very emotional I do not mind admitting but I am terrible with words. Most of the time I know what em

otion I am feeling but I will rarely want to talk about it or explain why. Whos with me? Most of you I bet. But, get your journal, write it down. You will feel better and begin to understand yourself just a little more.

Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind.

"Natalie Goldberg"

In my case, my anxiety certainly feels hugely under control which is why I confidently share my experience in the hope that you may benefit also. However please do not assume or rely on this form of mediation as a therapy for anxiety or depression. If you feel really down in the dumps or confused I would definitely recommend getting some professional help.

I think the decision to seek help is an incredibly inspirational one and speaking from experience will be so beneficial.


Little Tips

  • Get a fresh notebook. I use a leather one which is pretty on my bookshelf

  • Dedicate some time in a free clear space to write – perhaps at the end of the day to recap the day's activities and thoughts

  • Keep it Private – I am able to get more out knowing that no one else will see

Get writing gorgeous people - I hope it helps!

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