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What is AMRAP?


As Many Rounds As Possible

The famous acronym amongst HIIT trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

AMRAP workouts are one of a number of styles of HIIT workouts consisting of a continual drive in exercise for a given time. So NO rest until the time is up. This may consist of rounds through a given time (ie. 5 push ups, 5 burpees - how many times was this group repeated through 15 minutes) OR could specify more simply focussed on reps, to repeat an exercise as many times as possible through a given time (ie. as many jumping jacks as you can in 15 minutes)

Evidentially the practice provides all of the same evidence that high intensity training does such as burning fat, stress relief, boosting memory and the list goes on… (watch out for the next blog piece to explain this in detail).

What I LOVE about this practice is that we focus on our own capabilities and strength to provide ourselves with a great and simple target to measure our progress against.

We should approach this workout as an opportunity to go all out, really push ourselves….however those of us who train together through the week will know what I always say…


So what is AMRAP great for?

  • Developing endurance and muscular strength

  • Learning to pace yourself

  • Developing mental resilience

  • All levels and capabilities - inclusivity and motivation

  • Simple measure for progress

  • Burning calories

  • Hitting various muscle groups in one exercise

  • Simple and easy to remain focussed when training alone

On the days that we aren’t getting together for a session/you don’t fancy a full blown On-Demand Video via HBFitness, this is a perfect way to give yourself that little bit of a challenge to get those endorphins going and alert the mind.



This challenge is so simple to conquer and you will be so proud when you see the incredible progress you have made in the 30 days.





So it's super simple guys, repeat the group of exercises above without stopping for 15 minutes.

Try not to skip any reps out as it defeats the point of the challenge

Remember to pace yourself through the rounds, the first 5 minutes will feel easy but its a long game...

Each time you workout the challenge, make a record of a few things.

- time that you completed the challenge (time of day may have an effect on results)

-other activities of the day (i.e. did you also go to the gym/long run/hatties live class?)

-how you felt (you will notice this develop as you repeat consistently)

Please either send me a message with your results or even BETTER would be a little video of you completing the is so much fun!

I cannot WAIT to hear/see you you get on....

Lots of Love

Hattie x

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